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Virtual PrivateData Center

Say goodbye to bulky hardware and slow servers.


Thanks to the revolutionary cloud computing space, you can move your entire IT infrastructure to a Virtual Private Data Center or VDPC for short. Networks, servers, applications, data, and desktops can all be moved to the secure and fast cloud. The best part about a VDPC is that it can be completely customized and grow with your business. Hundreds of businesses host their networks remotely on SMARTWEB’s advanced data centers. Not only do they experience a more reliable connection and faster speeds, but they save money too.


Benefits of virtualizing your data to one of SMARTWEB’s Virtual Private Data Centers:


Our consulting team will work with your business to create an affordable and effective plan that is catered to your IT and networking needs. If you think your business is ready to move to the cloud and upgrade your systems without purchasing any costly hardware, contact us today for a free consultation.